The Council

Image of Defford Church

The Role of the Parish Council

The council is primarily concerned with and manages the Assets owned by the parish council and speaks and acts on behalf of the residents of Defford and Besford.   Other tasks include the following:

  • The  parish council employs the local lengthsman to carry out works to grassed areas, hedges, gullies, ditches, signposts and roadside grips as required.
  • Considers planning applications in the Parish and makes representations on them to the District Council on behalf of local residents.
  • Supports local projects and initiatives including grants to local organisations.
  • Manages projects to utilise the New Homes Bonus Money available to the area.
  • Uses the “General Power of Competence” to ‘do anything that individuals generally may do’ as long as that is not limited by some other Act. This is available to “eligible” parish councils including Defford and Besford.
  • Considers local consultation issues and makes comments / representations on them on behalf of local electors as necessary.
  • Maintains up to date Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Accounts to ensure open, accountable and fair management of the Parish Council’s business.

What the Council Owns and Manages

Defford and Besford Parish Council currently owns and manages the following village assets:

  • The village car park off Harpley Road, next to the hall.
  • The Millennium Green – an area of open space. This contains a football pitch, five timber benches, goalposts and in April 2016 a new timber team swing was installed.
  • 3 benches: situated in Defford at Spring Bank; outside the Village Hall; at the cemetery.
  • 8 Streetlights situated in Defford: outside the Village Hall; in the car park; opposite the notice board; opposite Crofthurst; at the junction of Crown Lane and Harpley Road; at the junction of Hill View and Harpley Road; outside 12 Hill View; outside Crown House.
  • 2 bus shelters: the first situated at Upton Road, Defford; the second on Ladywood Road.
  • Domesday Book (Worcestershire) held (on loan) at the Hive.
  • The display cabinet in the Village Hall showing the following, archive materials, newsletters, postcards, photographs and model railway carriages.
  • 3 notice boards are located in the village: the village has shared ownership with the Parochial Church Council located by St James’ Church, Defford; the 4 sheet notice board outside St Peter’s Church, Besford; a new parish advertising board for use by groups can be found outside the Village Hall.

Council Members – Defford Ward

Ron Davis
District Councillor
Sue Rees
Vice Chairman

Council Members – Besford Ward

Julian Clarke
Simon Harris


Adrian Hardman
County Councillor
Dormers, Oak Lane, Bredon, Tewkesbury GL20 7LR
Tel: 01684 773172
Lynne Yapp
Parish Clerk
36, Abbey Road, Pershore, WR10 1JP
Tel: 01386 552233, 11-30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday

Councillors Declarations of Interest

Each year, members of the Parish Council must make Declarations of Interest if there is any possibility of a conflict between their activities outside of the council and the business of the council. Additionally, at each meeting, members must bring to the attention of the whole council any matter which could present a conflict of interest in the business to be discussed. This could be a planning matter, or some trading relationship.

You can view the declarations on the Parish Council’s page of Wychavon District Council Website.